Friday, March 14, 2008

10 Months Bike Commuting

I have now passed 10 months of commuting by bike. This has totally changed my world in a positive way, and the funny thing is that I had no idea how much that would be when I got started. My trusty Peugeot (see earlier post) is holding up well and I've gotten to where shifting the nice SunTour levers is almost easier and more accurate than indexing anyway. When the weather gets consistently nice here I will switch from my winter wheels to my newly-home-built Super Champions with Pelissier hubs. They look fantastic in my office so I'm almost sad to put them on the bike. We'll see how well my first try at wheelbuilding holds up. In the meantime, if you're ever going to build your own wheels, pick up this book by Jobst Brandt: The Bicycle Wheel. This book really gives you all the information you could want or need on how to make it work. So far so good. More after I've put a few hundred miles on them.

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Matthias Design said...

Hey brother, what's with telling us how good your wheels look when you don't ever show them? I'm left empty by your vagueness.