Saturday, June 28, 2008

NOS Parts

I'm building up my Raleigh Professional frame and have been acquiring NOS parts to keep things as nice as possible. Here are some cool parts I've scored on eBay and locally lately. They include:

  • Gipiemme bottom bracket spindle
  • TA crank bolts
  • SunTour Superbe brake levers

More cool stuff is on the way, including some nice Olimpic quill road pedals in French thread to fit the TA Pro 5 Vis cranks I acquired on eBay France. Photos on arrival.

Still looking for decent hoods for the Superbe levers. That single one is NOS but I may have to resort to buying Campagnolo clone hoods on eBay.


c-steve said...

Hi Karl! Nice hearing from you and seeing new stuff, you bought for your Raleigh. Unfortunately I can`t see the Pics of the Raleigh.
I work as an optometrist in an opticians Store ( better: I am an optometrist and work in an opticians store...just Sunglasses for the Tourists...). The Mountain you see is the famous "Jungfrau" (Virgin).

K Matthias said...

Hi Steve! Ah, the Jungfrau. When I was a kid we visited Switzerland and took the cogged railway to the Jungfraujoch (sp?) up top where you could ride dogsleds on the ice and snow. That was a really stunning place.

You can't see the Raleigh Professional pics? I'll see if I can figure out what's wrong with them!


c-steve said...

Propably I have to be logged in at bikeforums, and it must read (eat) my Cookies.