Saturday, August 25, 2007

Super Champion

I went down to the Recyclery today to their every-so-many-months bike swap. I was looking for a couple of things: new full hoods for my Mafac Racers and a decent set of rims to lace to some Pélissier hubs I'm eying from Vélo Orange. I struck out on the Mafac hoods, but I found a beautiful pair of vintage Super Champion Model 58 aluminum rims in great condition. I picked them up for $15 and now I need to order my hubs and get to wheel building.

Super Champion was a French manufacturer that made some of the nicest aluminum rims of the era and they came as factory equipment on everything from mid-range to top of the line bikes from all over Europe. As always Classic Rendezvous has more information on this great manufacturer. This particular set was hardly used and will make a great accessory for my vintage Peugeot.

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