Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm Back

After a vacation and short hiatus I'm back and cycling. It has been wet this week in Portland and I'm going to finish installing my Vélo Orange fenders so I don't get filthy riding on damp roads. I may make a stop to pick up a decent rain jacket for riding as well. I'm intending to ride all through the winter, otherwise known as "the rainy season." We'll see how it goes.

On another note, I am going to be building my wheels finally this week. With everything going on it seems I have just never gotten to it. I'll post pics of the process and the finished wheels.

The Raleigh Competition I picked up just before leaving for England for two weeks has not yet been touched. I may build it up with parts in my bins, including the Shimano 600EX cranks I picked up when I got the Fuji. Pics as that progresses, too.


c-steve said...

Hi, Karl!
Have much fun cycling every day! I did this for the last seven years. So will I after having moved to Switzerland at the end of the month. I will sell the Camper.
Btw. this is not my House, just a joke by showing some stereotype swiss house.

c-steve said...

I´d just build the wheels for you to avoid doing the preparations fo my moving out.....
Gruezi, Steve

K Matthias said...

Hey Steve,

Sure, I'll send them right over. ;) Thanks!

I was in SF this weekend and went to the Rivendell Bicycle Works ( and I'll be posting about that this evening if I can get the photos off the camera.