Saturday, September 8, 2007


Due to the shockingly high price of decent spokes in recent years I thought I would not be getting double butted spokes, nor even the highest quality spokes, but on a tip-off from Steve I started poking around European eBay sites and ended up picking up a set of Belgian-made Sapim Race 14/15 double-butted spokes for a completely reasonable price. Sapim also have a nice spoke length calculator which makes it really easy to get the right length spokes. I had calculated these numbers with Spocalc and got the same measurements, but that was more work than the Sapim calculator because the measurements are easier to take the way that Sapim figures spoke length and my hubs weren't already in the Spocalc database. I encourage anyone to use Sapim's calculator. A little research shows that Sapim have been supplying top riders since 1918 so I'm pretty confident I'll like what I'm getting. Shots when they arrive.


c-steve said...

Hi, Karl! Nice, that you got inspired. Is it even cheaper WITH the shipping?

K Matthias said...

Hey Steve, yep they're cheaper even with shipping. Ran about $40 with shipping which is more than I wanted to spend, but considering that straight gauge spokes would have run me about $30 with shipping I figured it was worth it. Plus this way I got more than one length which is great. So cheers for that! --Karl