Monday, September 3, 2007

Pélissier P1001 Hubs

My hubs and fenders arrived and now I'm busy measuring the hub dimensions so I can order the right spokes to build up my Super Champion rims into wheels. Here are some shots of these really nice hubs. I wasn't sure what to expect, having never seen a set in person, and I sort of expected something around the quality of a Normandy hub. Normandy hubs were very strong, solid hubs that look nice and last nearly forever, but they are not top of the line. These Pélissier hubs are not top of the line, either, but they are definitely a step up from the Normandies. All the research I have done shows that Pélissier hubs were a brand of Maillard by the time these hubs were made but I haven't found much more than that. If anyone has a more complete history of this hub manufacturer, please share it! In any case, I'm delighted with the hubs. These will make great wheels!


c-steve said...

Nice hubs! I know the pelissier hubs from the early 80s when they were together with the Mavic 531 the only Hubs with industrial grooved ball bearings (Industrielager). They feature a very similar design like yours, especially the skewers but they have a one part body. Brilliant Performance!

K Matthias said...

Thanks Steve! I can't wait to get wheelbuilding. I still am looking for a decent set of spokes for an affordable price. Thought I tracked them down, but couldn't get them in the right length (297 and 298mm). :( I'll figure it out this week. These hubs are nice in person, too!

c-steve said...
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c-steve said...

...too many typos in my old post!
I haven´t built wheels for a long time and I am shocked,they want about 55 Eurocent(75$cent) for a spoke!!! But common sizes (298) you can get for 11$/100pc on ebay.
I´d forget about 297 and take 296.
(this code function is a bit annoying. My blog is about 5 month old and there was only one spam posting although I don´t have this security thing on...)

K Matthias said...

Hi Steve, thanks for the tip about eBay Germany. I ended up getting some nice Sapim DB spokes! See today's post for info.

Well I have another bog for work and we got slammed hard with spam posts which is why I turned on the spam filter.

K Matthias said...

I'll turn off the spam filter and see what happens. :)